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How To Reduce The Impact Of Age

How To Reduce The Impact Of Age

Increasing age is a natural process, but sometimes the effects of age appear to be premature. Some of our habits are responsible for this. In everyday life, we do many things for our convenience. This is what our habits start to become increasingly vulnerable to health. Things like Botox and Fillers are also available in the market to reduce the effect of age, but better, if we make a little change in our lifestyle then reduce it.

Do not use pillows of cotton-  Dermatologist Marie Zin says that making this change in your routine will be quite easy. People who sleep on the cover of cotton or cotton cushion face the mark while sleeping. Due to these, the face seems to be full of wrinkles.

Do not lose fat from the diet – It is not right to completely remove the fat from the diet due to the fear of growing the motaapa. People often like to eat chips, in which fat and other things present harm health. But there is no need for distance from monounsaturated and polyunsaturated. It is not okay to put all responsibility for obesity on Fat. But we actually need them. It is extremely important to make hormones and is also responsible for the solidarity of the cell brain. We should eat plenty of vitamins rich in skin health. In addition, sunflower seeds of seeds are a good source of selenium and copper, it helps in making our skin shine.

Doing Multitasking With Tauba – Multitasking has become part of our lifestyle in today’s sunny days. But this is not right for our health. This also affects the impact of age on us. When we work together a lot of things, our body feels a lot of stress. There may be a heaviness in the skin due to stress. From this, the mediators are released, which destroys collagen.

Central AC or heating system is also harmful – Nowadays there are central AC or heating systems in offices. Some people use it even in their homes. Experts say that excessive use of this system seems to be full of skin. In this way, collagen and elastin in the skin begin to end with aging. If it is necessary to use these things, then it would be better to prepare your skin before the help of hydrating night cream.


Do not drink tea, coffee or drink any drinks – The way we use our mouth for straw-to-straw, the collagen and elastin fibers start to break. Straw can be used in many ways, but there is a possibility of wrinkles in the skin.

Sprinkle on the throat Perfume – Many people who use perfume sprinkle perfume on the throat. Dermatology experts say that it is not a good habit. The skin here is quite sensitive. Perfume makes the skin dry, it increases the likelihood of skin damage.

Avoid washing face with hot water – No matter how much heat is used on the face of the hot water, but it can cause damage in the long term. This eliminates the natural moisture and oil of the face. Better than this, a towel soaked in hot water and lightly face the face.


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