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How To Keep Device Safe From Ransomware Attack

The globally active Ransomware attack started its journey very much in India. India comes fifth in the world and third in Asia in terms of these attacks. According to some figures, 20.77 percent of Ransomware attacks were carried out in the world in June 2018, whereas in India, 22.94 percent attacks were registered.

The danger is happening

Moving towards an increasingly cashless economy after the monetization done by the government, many new digital threats have emerged in India’s path. Banks, airports and stock markets may be influenced by Ransomware attacks. Many cyber hazards have been invited by simple access to mobile devices and mobile data. Now the time has come to work on the issue of increasing digital information in the country. It is important that the organizations with significant infrastructure take care to keep themselves safe from serious Ransomware attack and take necessary steps.

Care of these things

It is very important that you always keep your mobile fully upgraded. Now that such weakness has exposed, which can be penetrated using JavaScript, your mobile will be the best defense – updating the browser as a new version becomes available. Before formatting the device / system, backup the data recorded in it

Desktop / Server

Determine that the antivirus has enabled the registry for Windows machines according to Microsoft’s instructions. This will determine whether it is suited to Microsoft’s patches.

Upgrade your device

There are not many mobile updates after the software and hardware are outdated. Companies continue to upgrade the latest versions of mobile devices and systems with new security patches. Avoid installing applications from the Internet. Use Google Play Store or App Store in the device

According to a report, in the month of 2018, the Ransomware attack was more pronounced in maharastra

Maharashtra – 56%




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