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How To Get WhatsApp Payment Feature

Instant Messaging App Whatsapp has been talking about the advent of the payment feature for the past several years but now this feature has come in a beta version of WhatsApp. But the simple user has not yet got this feature. In this case, if you use the common Whatsapp app, you can use the payment feature with the help of Invite. This invoice can send the same user, who has this feature. This feature is a UI based feature, which does not require wallet in some way. That means the money will be deducted directly from your account or will come directly to your account.

How To Activate It

For this, the first user will have to search for those who have the payment feature activated in their contact list, to send them a request. After this, the user will get a notification that will ask for permission to set up the UPI account. After receiving the inventory, you can add it to your bank account using the UPI account.

How To Add Whatsapp Payment To A Bank Account

To add a bank account, first go to Whatsapp settings. Then click on the payment option and go to the bank account. Here you will find an option called ‘Add new account’, click on it and after understanding the term-end condition click on ‘accept and continue’ option. After this, your number will be verified via text message. After that, select your bank account, which you want to link with the UPI. After considering this, it is also possible that you can also insert a four number UPI PIN which will be used at the time of transaction. No other person will be able to pay with your whitespace through this PIN.

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