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How To Close The Second App Entry On Your Facebook Profile.

There are millions of users using social media around the world who worry that somebody else or the app is not using their Facebook profile. If you too are one of them, today we are going to tell you how to close the second app’s entry on your Facebook profile.

If you want to see which applications are using your information on social media websites, on Facebook, first of all, open the Facebook account from the browser or app. After that go to Facebook’s settings. To access settings with the help of phone, click on the three lines option at the top right of the screen. After that go downwards and on the phone you will see ‘App and website’, click on it. After this, a new screen will open, click on the ‘Logged in with Facebook’ will appear at the top.

Doing this will open a new window on the phone screen, in which the list of apps can be seen, which are accessing your Facebook profile. Next, click on the box next to the app or service you want to delete. By doing so, the option named Removal will be activated above the list and its color will also change. Click an option named Remote. After that, the app will not be able to access your Facebook profile and their entry on the profile will be closed. Apart from this, users in the expired and removals are given above can see the list of apps that accessed your profile, but now they have been removed.

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