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How To Block Unwanted Websites

How To Block Unwanted Websites

Sometimes a lot of pop-ups open at the time you open a site on your phone or computer, which include many links. A sudden virus sign appears on your phone when a mistake is clicked on those links. With these links, you can get a virus on the phone. Along with this, these sites can also do your phone’s data. This requires that we block those sites. But these websites cannot be blocked from your entire system. For this, you have to block that website from a particular browser. With this, users can block some of those other websites by adopting other methods. So let’s know the whole process.

The most special part of the Internet is the DNS system, which converts any website address into an IP address. Along with this, you can browse these websites using DNS in your system. Also, there are HOSTS files in your system that have saved your information in the local system. This can also stop many unwanted websites

  1. For this, the user has to sign in to his system through the administrator account. After which you will have to go to C: \ Windows \ System32 \ drivers \ etc.
  2. In this you will see a file named ‘hosts’, you will have to double click on it. When the file is open, select Notepad from the program list. When Notepad is open, you will see a line # localhost “and” # :: 1 localhost “.
  • If you are unable to edit this file then right-click the host file and go to the property. Now by clicking on the Security tab in the property, select the Administrator account, after which click Edit.
  • Now go to the pop-up and select the account again and check the full control. After this, apply the yes. Now click OK in all pop-ups.
  1. Type the address of the site you want to block in the file’s last. After that write the name of the website that was written at the end of the file. After that, the name of that site will be redirected to your computer.
  2. If you want to block Mozilla, then write at the end of the file. Now that website is blocked. This way many websites can be blocked.
  3. After the full process account is closed, close the Hosts file and click Save. After this restart your system. After that, the process of blocking your unwanted website is complete.


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