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Holochain Will Keep Your Data Privacy Safe

Holochain technology is going to challenge big companies like Google and Facebook. With this new technology, the user’s data will be safe with him and will not reach companies. Data of any work done on a smartphone now goes directly to companies like Google and Facebook. But Holochen will not let this happen.

In fact, the new technology is coming to market in the 1990s for Tim Berners Lee’s World Wide Web. It has been named Holochain. Its designers claim that this technique is the most important technique created since WWW, which helps the user to maintain online privacy. Its founder and US software engineer Arthur Brock and Eric Harris Brown said that this technology would prove to be more conclusive than our imagination.

Holochain technology can not only create search engines, email, messenger or other types of apps, but will not need to connect to the corporate server from the app made of this technology. All the data is stored in the user’s computer. In this way, large companies running corporate servers do not have access to user data. The Holocaan team is trying to give users the control of personal information by not converting personal data to the corporate server.

What is holochain technique

Like the WWW protocol, Holocaan technology also prepares the computer to interact. WWW runs on large corporate corporate servers, while Holochain technology is designed to run entirely on the network of personal computers and smartphones. That is, in Holocane, data storage is not in a large corporate server, but in connected networks and computers in the network. On the contrary, the user’s smartphone or computer sends requests to join the servers of large companies like Facebook or Google, and exchange data from those same servers.

New technology will be affordable

Holochain’s designers claim that they have succeeded in designing the technology without these shortcomings. According to designer Brock, activities that occur in Holochain against Blockchain will be 10 thousand times inexpensive and effective in terms of time and energy. Holochain’s designers team launched the ICO (Initial Coin Offerings) in the beginning of 2018, and with the help of this, mobilized millions of dollars and launched the beta version of Holochain. It is believed that when the first effective app is created, then it will be impossible to stop Holochain’s success.


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