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Hidden Features of Google Chrome

Hidden Features of Google Chrome

Many people use Chrome browser on computers and laptops. In this case, there are some important websites that open the browser as soon as they open.

To make text larger on Google’s Chrome browser, go to the browser settings. For this, you need to click on the three dot (dot) option on the right side of the browser in the upper right. After that, a small screen will open which will have the settings written downward. Click on the Settings option. After this setting will open in a new tab. After this, you will get the option named ‘On Startup’ at the bottom. There are three boxes in it. At the bottom, in which there will be an ‘Open a specific page and set of a page’, click on the box next to it. After this, you will get the option of ‘ad a new page’ and ‘use current page’. After clicking on ‘Add A new page’, the user will have to type/paste the URL of the website that he/she always wants to view in the browser. To save more than one website click on ‘Add’ option. In addition, if the website is open in the current Chrome browser, users can opt for ‘Use Current Pages’ option. After this, whenever the user opens a Chrome browser on their computer, they will find the favorite websites open.

Another feature of the Chrome browser is that the tabs that were running while the browser was closed will be re-opened once they open. To do this, go to the browser settings. After that there will be a segment of On startup, which will have the option of Continue where you left off, click on it. After this, whenever you open your browser, the website which was open while shutting down will be re-opened

Google’s Chrome browser can use the download option in the app to save webpage or story for the future so that it can be read or used even if you do not have it. You have to click on the three-dot option in the upper right side of the Chrome browser. After that, a new screen will open on the right, which will show several options including settings. At the top it will get a download icon, after clicking on it the webpage will be saved automatically. If this feature is not available in your browser, then update the Chrome app by visiting Google Play store.

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