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Google makes it mandatory for OEMs to provide monthly Android security updates

Since the inception of the Android devices, the security has been a nightmare and the reason behind is that users don’t receive latest security patch updates regularly.

It is quite possible that it is your device manufacturer who takes time to roll out security patches for your devices. Sometimes, the device manufacturers lie about security updates. They tell the customers that their smartphones are running the latest updates.

Google OEMs Android security updates

There is no direct control of Google over the OEM branded firmware that is running on billions of devices. So, now Google made a lot of exciting announcements at I/O 2018 and one particular revelation from the Google can ease the life of Android Users. Compared to the IOS, Android is always considered as sluggish in terms of updates.  Reports say that quick OS upgrades across all smartphones that are running Google’s operating system, is still far from reality and the monthly security updates will soon be pushed out by all OEMs in a timely manner.

XDA Developers reported that Google’s head of Android platform security David Kleidermacher said that they have also worked on building security patching into their OEM agreements. And now, it will really lead to a huge increase in the number of devices as well as users who are receiving regular security patches. So, it means that Google is trying to make sure that the agreement enforces the OEMs to push out the security patches more regularly than ever before.

Actually, Google pushes out security updates monthly so that it can fix bugs that are related to the Android platform. These bugs can be severe on certain occasions and also can even allow the hackers to gain the root access in case the device security is compromised. Example of such case is the case of the “Quadrooter” flaws that were discovered in 2016. It affected nearly about 900 million Android devices.

While there are some OEMs who have been actively pushing out the monthly security updates to users already for some time, but there are some manufacturers who don’t offer the security updates to their users as quickly as they should. And now with the inclusion of this factor in the agreement will make sure that the crucial updates are given monthly across all Android devices. So, this is a huge benefit and apart from this, Android users can also expect that the companies will eventually get onboard to deliver timely OS upgrades as well as this is the thing that is pointed out constantly against Google’s mobile platform in comparison with IOS of the Apple ecosystem.

Well, this security update is really promising news but it is still in the air whether the plan will work or not. Making monthly security updates mandatory could get in the way of creating more partnerships.

Google hasn’t yet revealed the agreement terms so it is unclear if the terms are valid for leading devices or all new devices that are launched with Android P.

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