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Gmail 2018 : All New Features

The new Gmail is ready for the web. It is designed to manage your overloaded images. This makes your emails more secure. Not only for businesses, but for every person who uses the free version of Gmail, now he can manage his work better. One of the biggest changes in Gmail is that the confidential mode has been added in it. It is designed to make Gmail even more secure and prevent the loss of centrally located data by preventing hijacking of accounts.

Confidential mode

When you make a message to any person, it stays in the person’s inbox in front of him, until he decides to delete it. Confidential mode will send a link instead of sending the content. Inbox will keep the inbox content safe and access it anytime. If you want to set the link to expire after a time

Push and Naj

Google has taken some steps to get rid of email overload. Google has introduced the Najing feature. It sends important messages back to the top of the inbox after a few days, so that you can see them, there has been a change in push notifications too. Now there is a high priority option which only alerts when critical email is received. Gmail has launched a new feature. You can unsubscribe the messages you do not read from the mailing list.

Anti phishing

New Gmail has added protection against phishing. Gmail identifies hazards from machine learning and clearly flagged them. The first potential phishing emails are identified with a small bar so that readers are careful about clicking any links. Now a big red alert appears in the interface. The danger is explained in ordinary language so that people can fully understand the danger.

Attachment chips

Attached chips are Gmail’s best new feature. If you work on your account workplace and want to find a documentary in haste, then your problems can be overcome. The attachment chip will show you the name and type of each file attached to the message.

Snooze emails

There are important emails in the inbox many times which need to be read but due to lack of time, it can not be read. Gmail’s new Snooze tool will hide it for as long as you’re not ready to respond. Can snooze several emails at once.

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