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Follow These 5 Things For Healthy Kidney

There is a risk of kidney failure due to diabetes, hypertension and obesity. It is important to avoid this disease. To keep Kidney fit, the doctor advises to avoid five things which are very useful.

Dr Sunil Prakash, director of the Senior Instructor of Neurology and Renal Transplantation of BLK Superspeciality Hospital, said, “Five types of English alphabet, starting with the letter S, need to save the kidneys – salt (salt) Sugar (sugar), stress (stress), smoking (drinking cigarette bead) and sedentary life style (being sitting on bed is always inactive ).

In a program organized by the Satraj Kidney Care Foundation Institute on Sunday to awaken Kidney consciousness, Dr. Prakash highlighted the growing dangers on the kidneys and emphasized the need to launch a comprehensive consciousness campaign among the common people. He said that due to kidney failure, the condition of dialysis and kidney transplantation should not be given, therefore it is necessary to take cognizance of the kidneys from the beginning.

He said that there is so much expenditure in the treatment of a spoiled kidney that it is not the matter of every man. Therefore, it is wise to maintain kidney maintenance. Dr. Prakash said that the disease of kidney should reach the final stage, ie, if it stopped working then the treatment like dialysis and transplantation is very expensive, so keeping the kidneys safe from diseases is the best way. Do not let the kidney be sick. Expressing concern over the increasing cases of diabetes, hypertension and obesity, he said that today the very important organ for the health of the body is threatening the kidneys all around, so to run the intensive consciousness campaign to protect the kidney from diseases in the common people.

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