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Fifa World Cup 2018: England Beat Panama By 6-1

In the FIFA World Cup Group Group, the England team defeated Panama by a huge margin of 6-1 on the captain of his captain, Harry Kane, on the brilliant hat-trick. This was the second consecutive victory in England’s Group B match. This led to England defeating Tunisia. With both wins, England have six points and their place in the second round has become confirmed. To make England a place in the knockout round, not just to win against Panama, it was also necessary to win with a big margin. Team Captain Harry Kane for England scored three goals while playing a magical game and scored six goals from the entire team.

England have already played such a game in front of Panama that the team could come in. In the first half of the 45 minute game, England scored 5 goals. In the eighth minute of the game from the England side in the first half, John Stones scored the first goal and made the team 1-0 ahead. After this goal, it seemed that the team of Panama would return strongly, but these teams could not do this against England. The second goal for England was made by captain Harry Kane. The England player Jesse was pushed to the box by Escobar of Panama and the team got a penalty. Harry Kane did not lose the opportunity at all and scored the goal. After this, Jesse Lingard made the third goal for the team in the 36th minute of the game. In the 40th minute of the game John Stones managed to score his second and fourth goal for the team. England got another penalty in the 43rd minute. The advantage once again has been raised by Captain Harry. They put a shot on the left side this time while the Panama goalkeeper got cheated and they jumped on the right. In this way England’s fifth goal was completed while captain Harry Kane scored his second goal.

England’s aggressive game continued even after making a 5-0 lead in the first half. Harry Kane completed his hat-trick in the 62nd minute of the game. This time Ruben gave him a pass and Harry easily showed the ball the goalpost. After this goal, coach Southgate called Harry Kane out. Even after being 6-0, England continued their similar game. Although Panama was also constantly trying and got success in the 78th minute of the game. Panama captain Felipe Baloy scored the score by scoring a score of 1-6. Felipe scored the first goal for his country in the World Cup. After that, the England team was 6-1 ahead of Panama in the set time of the game that is 90 minutes. However, after a four-minute stoppage time, no team was able to score, and England won the match.

England scored 5 goals in the first half in the history of the World Cup. This is a new record for this team. Along with this, Team Captain Harry Kane has equalized Cristiano Ronaldo and Romelu Lukaku in the four rounds of the World Cup. Apart from this, Harry Kane has become the second England player to score goals in the first two games of the World Cup.


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