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FF91 – A Future Car Which Unlocks Through Facial Recognition

FF91 Car
Image Source: pcmag

We are moving towards eco-friendly solutions. New innovations have been happening in every field and there have significant research in multiple domains to make thoughts tu to reality. One such amazing innovation is FF 91.

FF 91 also known as Faraday Future 91 is a futuristic vehicle developed by the firm – Le Eco. This is an electric vehicle which packs together multiple innovative features which will surely take your breath away. In the automobile industry, Tesla has been in the news due to its continuous effort on launching Eco-friendly electric vehicles which will pave the path for the future considering the global shortage of combustible substances which drives these vehicles currently at a large scale worldwide.

Well, we can easily deduce FF91 is providing a cut throat competition to Tesla in the smart car space. The company showcased the prototype of its vehicle – FF91 in the recently concluded 2017 CES (Consumer Electronics Show) at Las Vegas. Previously, just about a year ago, Le Eco showcased a concept car- FF ZERO1 at the same show and the firm has been able to finally showcase a practical version of its futuristic vehicle – FF 91 this time around.

The features of this vehicle might interest you:

  • Achieve 0-100 km speed in just 2.39 seconds
  • The engine has a strength of 1050 horsepower
  • In a fully charged state, FF91 can cover a stretch of 600 kms
  • FF91 require 8-9 hours for a complete charge
  • Driverless Valet parking
  • Driver can control the car functionality with the help of an app
  • A keyless vehicle which identifies the owner through face recognition and greets the user while opening the door

Doesn’t that sound like a sci-fi movie scene! Amazingly, people have started comparing this vehicle to Bugatti Veyron or Hennessey Venom GT owing to the speed and strength of FF 91.

Though the interiors and exteriors is something on which LeEco is currently working on, but you can be sure of more such innovation to unfold in the electric vehicle category and the day is not far when we will see these futuristic cars replacing the existing fleet of vehicles.

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