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Why FBI Urges Users To Reboot Their Router

Why FBI Urges Users To Reboot Their Router

The federal Bureau of investigation urging users to reboot their home router for one time because they found some type of malware called VPN filter. This filters first attack at the routers and gives control to hackers to access the device. According to the research that has been conducted by the Cisco’s talas security group, estimates that more than 50,000 devices across the world affected by this VPN filter. The core parts of the routers are TP-Link, Net gear, and Linksys. For a safety FBI blocked the critical part of the network, still recommends that users reset their routers.

What is a threat?

The FBI recommends that it’s a VPN filter, that defected more than 50,000 routers around the world. In the technological jungle, hackers can steal the sensitive information easily from the VPN.  Virtual private networks, allow users to access private data network and share the data remotely via a public network. So that’s why IP security is essential for all internet networks, it’s secure the internet communication and protects devices from the hackers.

Several companies, such as Linksys, security firm Norton, Avast are trying to improve the security of the router and Cisco identified that many routers are affected in Ukraine and you can also get details from United states computer emergency readiness team.

How do you know if you are infected?

Unfortunately, there are no simple to detect that your devices get infected by the malware. Hackers often seek to change the DNS setting of a router, while many attackers make use of cross-site request forgery to steal information. If you want to check whether your router is infected or not. All you need to do is sign in with your router name and password then check DNS setting it is set to automatic then everything is fine but if it set to Manual then something is happening here. If it is your router is not affected by the malware its very good but for a side check you have to turn off your remote access setting, change the password and install a firmware update.

How to reset your router?

Method 1

  • Simply unplug your router from its power outlet.
  • Wait 15-20 seconds then plug in.
  • Allow a device one or 2 minutes to turn back on.

Method 2

Most routers have restart buttons, all you need to do is press the restart button and hold it for few seconds. Always keep in mind while restarting a router via a button, hold the restart until the indicator lights get own after than release the button.

Bottom Line

According to the FBI, rebooting and reseating is not a permanent option to remove the malware. But keeping an updated version of firmware and strong password you can protect your device from unwanted phishing notifications and malware. To apply the latest firmware and perform the reset operation. And FBI is also said that we are helping users aforementioned firmware update and factory reset for your routers.

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