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Facebook has updated the ‘Quick Reply’ feature in Messenger

Facebook has updated the ‘Quick Reply’ feature in Messenger to help companies communicate with customers and resolve their problem. The ‘Quick Reply’ feature is available in Facebook Messenger from 2016, but has now added a button to answer easily. Now if a company asks for information like email id and mobile number to contact you, you can reply immediately by clicking on the ‘Easy Response’ button. Your email id and mobile number associated with Facebook will go to the company. If you have more than one mobile number or email ID, you can choose one of them. So far the ‘Quick Reply’ feature was available for any Facebook page and Business Page.

If you now complain to a company on Facebook, you will get an immediate reply. This quick reply will come via feature. Apart from this, the company will also be notified that a customer is waiting for a reply. Apart from this, Facebook has added support for Internet Explorer so that users can get more information.

Twitter Has Also Started This Service

Micro-blogging site Twitter has recently made the rules of customer service direct message easier for customers to experience the best. Twitter has introduced a new feature apart from this. Through this new feature, the companies will be able to reply to their customers immediately with the customer service account. In addition to connecting customers with customers, Welcome Message and the Qip Ripple feature have also been added.

Think of new features in this kind of easy words. If you compile 5 times in 24 hours on a customer service account on Twitter, you will receive a reply of 5 times from the company side. But if you send more than 5 times, you will not get automatic reply.


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