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A Study Shows Facebook Is Making People Narrow Minded

Image Source: abnews24

Social networking sites around the globe have been a major source of information flow on the inteet with a high level of user engagement and Facebook leads the charts in this category.

A recent research on Facebook suggests the effectiveness, good or bad, of the social platform in magnifying a particular information or news into large discussion topics which might result in grave consequences. In the majority of cases, this tus out to be a case of misinformation which creates chaos. For example, the recent case of Jade Helm which was simple military exercise and eventually with the misinformation being floated on the Facebook about Jade Helm, it converted into a new dimension and being termed as the start of new civil war in the United States.

Facebook has been working aggressively to address the misinformation cases. In the case wherein a particular user has quoted any unverified news on the social platform usually gains momentum within hours and creates a section of like-minded people who follows the information and believes in spreading the same without even actually getting into the validity check of the information.

Studies have revealed that with such trend formation of groups revolving around misinformation can actually impact the society in the long run as this creates confusion and generates irrelevant speculations, rumours and distrust.

We are into an era of digital transformation and the society at large is at the core of it. The research says that a content-selective approach poses greater vulnerability as it could create polarized groups within the digital world. Ironically, digital misinformation has been one of the most talked about topics in the World Economic Forum which could be a larger threat to society. Nonetheless, digital misinformation is a grave issue which requires corrective control measures in place which could monitor and cut off false and in verified information on the inteet before it tus into a big menace.

Source: The spreading of misinformation online – PNAS

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