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Facebook Data Leak : Here Are Some Tips To Secure Your Facebook Data

The social media platform Facebook, which has been in dispute over data leaks of users, is now stuck in a new controversy. The company has said that due to a bug in their ‘View As’ feature, hackers have broken into the data of 50 million users. Keeping in mind the security, the company has removed this feature right now.Company said in a blog post, “We have started investigating this. However, it is still to know whether the information has been stolen by misusing the accounts.

Facebook and data leaks are not new. From time to time, there are allegations about Facebook against data privacy. Even before this, the company has been accused of selling the data of users. You are not going to be victims of this kind of burglar, we are telling you the big steps that you can make your Facebook account more secure.

First of all, check where you have accessed your account. Open the Facebook app or site for this. Go to Security and Login page and click on Where You’re logged in. By clicking here you will be able to see where you have accessed the account. If you notice any suspicious place or device name, log out it immediately.

Change the password from time to time

It’s important to keep changing your password on Facebook from time to time. This reduces the chances of hacking your account. Update your password every month as long as possible. Also, while updating the password, select the password that includes numbers, alphabets, special characters, all. This makes your password strong. In addition to changing passwords from time to time, keep in mind that whenever you change your password, do not click Keep me logged in while saving changes.

When you change the password, click Keep me logged out from all devices. Doing so will log out from wherever you have access to your account. If you want, you can check your password using password management apps like 1Password and LastPass while setting up a password.

Enable Dual Security

Facebook also gives the option of dual security to its users. Using this feature, users can secure their account. Go to the settings of the Facebook app and check account settings. Go to Security and Login there. Here’s the option of using two-factor authentication in the Setting Up Extra Security option. Turn it on. After you turn it on, whenever you log in to Facebook, a code will be sent to your registered number. You will be able to log in only after entering it.

Do not click on the ‘unwanted’ links in Messenger

Many times, hackers send a link to your account by tampering your friends’ accounts. By clicking on such links, your information goes to the hacker. Do not click on such links unless you are completely specific. If any of your friends send you such a link, then contact him immediately and inform him on this day.

Check permissions given to an application

Who do you get your face on Facebook? what were you in the last life? such questions are dangerous even with fun. Clicking on these users unknowingly gives access to their account. If you want to know about the apps that you have to permit. For this, click on the app or site’s settings option. Here you will get the option of the application name. Tap on it. Apps and websites will be available on tap. By clicking here, you will know which apps you have granted permission for your account. Disabling this option will not allow third-party applications to access your account.


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