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Are you excited for the launch of smart home speakers by Facebook?

Yes, Facebook has decided to launch smart home speakers this year in the month of July. Amazon and Google have already experimented with this venture it’s now time for Facebook to put its hands on it. There were rumors that the speakers would roll out to the markets in 2018, but now the news is official. The reports published by Digitimes said that the two models will be Aloha and Fiona which will be 15-inch touchscreens.  

According to sources, the company has announced the release of the devices in the month of May but over the period of time, they decided to reschedule the time in order to take more time to preserve uniqueness of the product so that it grabs the minds of the technology freaks when it is released in the market. It is said that the Aloha model is more complex compared to Fiona.

smart home speakers by Facebook

One of the promoters mentioned that this lavish model will be marketed under the official name label “Portal” and if will have the best features like voice commands and will have developed features like facial recognition to identify the users who will be trying to gain access to Facebook with the help of wide-angle lens on the front device.

It is a great news that Facebook signed a contract with one of the best music companies like Sony and Universal Music and licensed contracts for smart home speakers. The is surely the greatest move by the company to make a global movement in the commercial market. The researchers notify that over 50 million units will be out for sale in the global market. Likewise, Apple has launched “HOMEPOD”, Google has “HOME” and “HOME MINI” and Amazon has “ECHO” as their smart home speaker series.

Facebook aspires to create a voice assistant like SIRI which would be imparted to the smart speaker device. The will position the device and will get families and friends to stay connected through facilities like video chatting and various features. It will also help to gain access to third-party streaming services like Spotify and Netflix.

It’s hard to believe that there will be a product launched in the competitive market i.e both in smart speaker and video chatting market category. All these years Facebook had no experience with the hardware industry. This move is a risk-taking factor for the company. The expected price for the Portal is said to be $499 when out on the market. Yes, of course, the device will support Spotify for music streaming as it is the largest streaming service that Facebook has partnered with. The deal may be related to more user-generated content.

The company can face an uphill battle or also into a controversy or also get into crisis. The speakers can either be a boon or bane to the market.

If Facebook is planning to release these devices in the month of July it is better they least show a teaser of how the model looks like.

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