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Dwayne Bravo Makes Ziva And Gracia Dance To His “Champions”

Every year, when the months of April and May sets in, people forget all the heat and temperature and stick on to the Sports channel for the matches of Indian Premier League or the IPL. This league is not about seeing the wonderful performance by the Indian cricketers but also the talent of various foreign players are also displayed here. This year, Chennai Super Kings has god in their team Dwayne Bravo, the former cricket captain of West Indies who had been a genuine all rounder player known for his aggressive batting. He is also performing very well in the current IPL thus taking his team to a higher level and improving the team’s rank in the score board.

Dwayne Bravo MS Dhoni

Bravo Has Another Talent Too!

Besides being such a talented cricketer, it is known to many that Bravo is a wonderful singer as well. Even, he has millions of followers of his videos uploaded in YouTube. In fact, many describe him to be one of the most entertaining cricketers the game could ever have. In 2016, Bravo has released his famous “Champions” song which has been, since then, a victory anthem for every team winning a cricket match. The song has earned Bravo a lot of fans and followers who keep on waiting for his upcoming videos. In fact, “Champions” has been a favourite for not only the cricketers but for players of other games as well.

Two New Fans Of Bravo’s “Champions”

“Champions” is not only famous among the cricketers but there are also many children who just go crazy about the song. Recently, the victory anthem has two new fans for who Bravo specially sung this song. These are little and cute angels who couldn’t resist dancing in the wonderful song. They are none other than Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s Daughter Ziva and Suresh Raina’s daughter Gracia. Besides Ziva and Gracia, there are many other kids who hit the dance floor with Dwayne Bravo and created the perfect mood for the party. This particular kids’ dance party had taken place on the occasion of Gracia’s Birthday a couple of days back where many cricketers along with their family were invited and it was made a grand success. The video of this wonderful performance was uploaded by Chennai Super Kings in Twitter and within minutes, it was praised by the Twitter population who wanted to have more glimpse of the event.

Thus, the wonderful performance by Bravo has lightened up the mood for party for everyone and everyone enjoyed the mini dance party by the kids. Gracia and Ziva were looking like cute dolls while they matched their steps with “Champions”. With such gracious event, it seems that Chennai Super Kings is indeed very lucky to have got Dwayne Bravo in their team as on one hand, he suggests them for betterment in performance in the cricket field and on the other hand, he entertains and cheers up his team mates with his wonderful and rocking voice.

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