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Data Brokers Being Used By The Government To Track Muslims

A report from Amnesty International suggests that a list of undocumented immigrants or even Muslims specifically residing in the United States of America is being prepared under the Trump administrations.

According to the relevant sources, the Private Data brokers are already in the process of compiling a list of Muslims in the country. This list is rumored to have close to a million names. The brokers will also be compiling additional lists containing details regarding “Americans with Bosnian Muslim Surnames” and “Unassimilated Hispanic Americans”, said the group. A company claimed to supply a fairly accurate list of undocumented immigrants in the state of California.

The data brokers that supply data based on religion include big companies like Experian to small companies like E-Tech. Such data is available readily on websites like This website has names and addresses of almost 1.8 million Muslims in the United States which is available for a price of $138380.

Muslim Data USA

Amnesty claims that a data analytics company which chooses to be anonymous said they had compiled data of 3.8 million Muslims in the U.S. According to Pew Research Center‘s estimate in 2015 the total number of Muslim in the country is close to the number claimed by the unnamed data analytics company. Hence it might be possible that almost all the Muslims who are residing in the United States are already on this list.

Most data companies have denied supporting the government in the building of a Muslim registry, however, on the other hand, the data brokers operate in a much more liberal way. It has been rumored more than once that government is already in talks with these agencies for buying the concerned information.

This report is definitely a warning call not just for Muslims but the world as a whole. The privacy of one’s digital presence was always a very controversial topic and this revelation only added to the concern.

Source: Fast Company

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