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Crazy kitchen tricks that will save your time

Ever wondered how to cut a whole lot of cherry tomatoes at one shot?

Just place all the tomatoes in a saucer and place another saucer on it. Move your knife in between the space and pass it from one end to another. When you are done doing it open the plate and you will find your tomatoes cut in half.

how to cut tomatoes

Benefits of having a pizza cutter

If you want to cut your fresh herbs with ease grab a pizza cutter and gently cut the herbs. You will be able to find even pieces after cutting them.

How an apple slicer comes handy

An apple slicer comes to use to cut potatoes. This slicer does a perfect job to cut potatoes rather than apples. It should be renamed as potato slicer.

An egg white lover

Have you ever wanted to eat only the albumen of the egg and not the yolk? This theory may be popular among the fitness freaks of eating albumen every day. The easiest way to separate a yolk from the albumen is with the help of a plastic bottle.  You can also do it with the help of your hand.

Thought of impressing your guests with ice-cubes

You can create an impression on your guests with the type of ice you serve them. The ice cubes which are frozen using boiled water will be crystal clear and the cubes that are made up of tap water will not give you a clean crystal clear look.

How to remove an eggshell with ease?

Place a hard-boiled egg in a cup and add some cold water to it. Shake it vigorously and the shell will come out in a couple of seconds. This technique is fun and will give you quick results.

Quick ways of peeling the potato skin

Boil potatoes and cool them down for some time. Later make a shallow cut all around it peel off the skin. This will separate the skin easily from the vegetable very quickly.

Do you want to save your potatoes from sprouting?

If ever you have wanted to keep your potatoes away from sprouting place an apple along with them. You will be left with surprise not seeing the potatoes sprout. This is the best remedy to keep the potatoes away from sprouting.

Worried if the boiling milk drops down on the stove?

In case you do not like to scrub the stove after milk spills on the stove. You need not worry more as by placing a wooden spoon across the boiling pot this issue won’t be faced again.

Bitter coffee in the house?

If your coffee is not drinkable since it is too bitter don’t throw your coffee away. Add a  pinch of salt it and the drink will be back to normal.

Hence these are a few tricks you should know in the kitchen and you will be the boss.

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