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A Country With No Mosquitoes


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A country which is completely free of annoying mosquitoes. Isn’t that peaceful music to your ears!Welcome to this paradise – “Iceland”.

To provide you with a few facts, mosquito bites is one of the major contributor of health diseases and have been a cause of few deaths every year worldwide. You might have heard of Zika virus which caused a widespread stir around the world leading to multiple deaths in a row. This was caused by a virus transmitting Aedes aegypti. Interestingly, Iceland is one place which was unaffected by this incident but its neighboring countries reports mosquito bites deaths every year. How can that happen!

Many experts believe that the climatic conditions in Iceland is not suitable for mosquitoes to thrive. Usually the mosquitoes can exist in both cold as well cold climates and given a suitable elongated climate, the mosquitoes can hatch faster and multiply themselves quickly.

Interestingly, the Icelandic chemical composition of water and soil does not provide a suitable breeding ground for mosquitoes to multiply in number. Also, the climate in Iceland undergoes rapid and sudden shifts which makes the environment unsuitable for mosquitoes to hatch properly.

But with changing climatic conditions globally owing to global warming, the Iceland climate has already seen a rise in air temperature by 2 degree Fahrenheit in the last 20 years and this might change further. But for now, the country is a mosquito free island.

So pack your bags to visit this Nordic island once.

Source: nytimes

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