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Common Symptoms Of Diabetes

When you are diagnosed with diabetes, you may think that this disease happened suddenly, but the researchers say that diabetes is not sudden. Researchers from Japan have claimed that signs of type 2 diabetes are indicated 20 years ago. If you understand these signs, then it can control its control even before it gets sick.

Researchers from Japan’s Shinshu University tested 27 thousand people over 49 years of age in 2015 and 2016. In this test, the researchers found that the level of glucose was raised when they had an empty stomach, BMI was more and sensitive to insulin. Researchers then monitored them and found out that they were later diabetes. It is only ten years ago that there is a danger of diabetes when such signs are found. The findings of the research show that the disease can be detected 20 years before the high metabolic marker of diabetes. Hiroyuki Sageesaka of Japan’s Aijwa Hospital said, “Previous studies have shown that increasing the level of glucose on obesity and an empty stomach, such signs start from 10 years ago, which are later seen as diabetes.


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