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Common mistakes you make while baking

Here are some common mistakes that you make while baking. Learn what you are doing wrong and happy baking! 🙂

Common mistakes you make while baking

  •  Many times it happens that you do not read the given recipe before you start cooking

To avoid the unpleasant surprises being done first of all, you should decide that you have everything that has been told and you are ready in every way. And to confirm that you must first read the recipe carefully. This makes your experience less stressful and more enjoyable.

  • You leave the dough directly from the bag through your cup

If you do take the dough directly from the bag by taking the cup directly and don’t follow the steps according to the given recipe, then you are probably using more dough. If you are asked to work according to the given recipe, remove your material in the cup with a spoon.

  • Do not use scale to measure the ingredient

If you want to cook the food properly, leave the cup system completely and use a perfect scale to measure the content. There is no other way than the use of scale, in which the weight of the materials is more accurately measured.

  • Instead of baking powder, you use baking soda

It is very difficult to substitute because baking soda needs to react with acid compounds. We all know that it also acts as a shrewd agent. We use baking powder because it contains baking soda in addition to tartar cream.

  • Start work on your cake better but you do not prepare your pan first

We all often give more time to cake and keep preparing for it and forget to prepare the pan and prepare the pan on the last minute but it is not good. Once all the cake work is ready, then you should prepare the pan as soon as possible and heat the microwave.

  • You are not lining your pans with parchment paper

Covering baking tin with parchment paper can be quite a headache but you have to do this work.

  • You stop butter and sugar simultaneously and stop them halfway

Whenever you are preparing a mixture of sugar and butter together, then you have to decide that the temperature of your butter is at room temperature, as well as mixing of butter and sugar or whatever we are making a mixture, Do not get locked up and become identical together. The mixture should be kept at a moderate pace until it is the light color and fluffy because there is only one way to check the mixture.

  • If you have gone too far then do not scrape the bowl below

Keep in your mind that you should not leave half of your ingredient on the side of the bowl and you have to scrape that with a silicon spectula.

  • You do not put salt in your batter

Salt just helps to increase the taste of saying and if you are making a cake, then put a little bit in your cake as it accelerates the sweetness of the cake.

  • Do not warm the oven before baking the batter

It is very important to cook your cake / cookies / pie at the right temperature of the oven. If your oven is very cold then you can ignore it and start making cakes in it, check it at the time to time, and take care of the time too. Stop the switch of an oven when your cake becomes completely brown or ready.

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