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How To Identify Common Faults In Usb

Is your laptop or PC not reading your pen drive or external hard drive? So we have come up with 4 ways for you to help you find out that the USB port of your system or laptop has not been damaged. So know about these methods.

Check out all USB ports

There is more than one USB port in every PC or laptop. In this case it is necessary to see if your pen drive or external hard drive is not working in a USB port or it is not working in all ports. If all the ports are not reading your external drive, then there may be a number of reasons for which the fault of the USB port may also be a reason.

Use another device

If your system is not reading an external drive in the USB port, then try the other external device and check it. Sometimes the system does not read the external drive due to problems encountered in a particular device. If the other device is not working, it means your USB port has been damaged.


Many times the driver of the system also does not work due to the USB port. In this case, if your USB port is not working, then check the driver of your PC or laptop. If there is a problem, install it again by installing it uninstalled. Even if your USB port is not working then it means it’s damaged.


Many times the system’s hardware does not work because the software gets corrupted. In such a way, it can be a reason not to work on a USB port. In this case, format your system once. If there is still trouble, then your system’s USB port has been damaged.


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