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Putting Grass In Ear Has Become Fashion Statement For Chimps

Chimps Grass In EarRecently, there has been talks about Chimps adopting a weird and crazy trend which has caught everyone’s attention. A group of Zambian Chimps in Zambia’s Chimfunshi Wildlife Orphanage Trust sanctuary has imbibed an indifferent trend of sticking grass in their ears. You may call it a new fashion statement of Chimps.

Popularly known as “grass-in-ear” behavior, chimps are following each other’s trend in a crazy way and this behavior in increasingly becoming a trend amongst Chimps. Researchers have been thinking about the reasoning behind such an awkward behavior of Chimps but no substantial finding have been made.

It all started with a Chimp named Julie who started with putting grass in her ears and later other Chimps of the same flock followed a similar behaviour and this trend continued even after Julie died which goes on to prove that Chimps have a great ability to lea and adopt new behaviour and develop prolonged affinity towards the behaviour which lasts and continue even after the originator activity is halted.

With an aim to understand this unique Chimp behavior, researcher Van Leeuwen and his team studied 700 hours of video footage and came to the conclusion that there is nothing weird about the behavior and it just went on to depict the leaing ability of the Chimps from one another.

This reflects chimpanzees’ proclivity to actively investigate and lea from group members’ behaviors in order to obtain biologically relevant information. The fact that these behaviors can be arbitrary and outlast the originator speaks to the cultural potential of chimpanzees. -Edwin van Leeuwen

Also, there have been research studies to find out any form of communication which the Chimps are establishing amongst themselves through this arbitrary behavior of putting grass in ears but ironically nothing came out to support this theory.

Whatever may be the reason, there is no doubting the fact that Chimps are an intelligent species and there is a continuous series of research on them undertaken currently as well. Hence, a weird behavior of Chimps will naturally draw experts and researcher’s attention and could make them wonder sometimes!


Source: smithsonianmag

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