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ChargeWrite – A Pen, Power Bank, Stylus and Cleaner

We have all been in situations where we need a pen and don’t have one. And we are no strangers with our fancy smartphones dying during the most important hours of the day. These two problems might have a little connection but with ChargeWrite you can solve both of them.


ChargeWrite is not just a writing utensil but it is also a flash drive with 16 gigabytes of memory, a stylus, a screen cleaner and most importantly a power bank. Shaun Teblum and Rob Gold are the brains behind this one of a kind writing instrument. They are based are based in Montreal and they have successfully made our lives easier by combining a pen and a portable phone charger.

This powerbank pen charges iPhones & Androids with a universal smartphone tip, flash memory & more

Shaun Teblum the co-founder of ChargeWrite explains that they have attempted to pack the maximum amount of battery in ChargeWrite with little compromise in the writing department. It is a boon for the students and the professionals who rely heavily on their phones for their work. With ChargeWrite in their pockets, they can give their phone a quick boost at any time during the day without carrying the burden of a power bank and its tangling wires.

ChargeWrite has two months left in its Indiegogo campaign and it is supported by almost 500 backers on the crowdfunding platform. It has gathered an amount which is 300 percent of its original goal of $10000. ChargeWrite isn’t the first pen with a few gadgets added to it but here is what makes it so popular and incredibly easy to use.

  • ChargeWrite has a universal smartphone tip which means whether it is an iPhone or an Android device it easily connects to anything.
  • This pen can hold its full charge for over a month so we can be sure that it is going to be there whenever we need it and not just be there but actually work.
  • To top it all off ChargeWrite is completely cable free because of its built-in adapters. So no additional wires.


Use it as a pen
Use it as a pen
Use it as a stylus
Use it as a stylus
Use it as a cleaner
Use it as a screen cleaner
Use it to charge your Android or iPhone
Use it to charge your Android or iPhone

This Writing Utensil is a perfect gift for anyone who owns a smartphone. It is one of the few alternatives which can easily replace power banks and memory sticks but also be compact and useful at the same time. You can own a ChargeWrite at $29. The company is trying to fit this gadget into everyone’s budget. It is everything you want in a pen and more. It has a classy look, it is packed with features and it is really easy to use. They might as well add a laser and give it to James Bond.

Charge Wire project: $31,265 USD raised by 504 backers [Feb 12, 2017]

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