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Causes of Hair Loss

If your hair falls or breaks or you want black, dense and shiny hair, then you need to take extra care of your hair. Many times hair falls due to a serious disease or due to childbirth. And the hair of the head is very low, but if you take care of your hair properly and take a balanced diet then definitely your hair will be good. Soft, healthy and bluish hair is a sign of their health. Let’s learn what to do if your hair falls

It is very important for you to be healthy to stop hair loss. For this, you have to take special care of your diet and take proper care of your hair.

  • Today many people are troubled by the problem of hair loss. All this is due to negligence of hair and neglect of hair problems.
  • Many times, due to the change of the weather or the replacement of the place also hair falls, in this case you should continue to take care of your hair properly and hair should be washed twice or thrice a week.
  • One of the main reasons for hair loss is stressful life. Nowadays people have so much work to do that they get tired soon. In such a way, we should stay away from stress to save hair from falling and try to stay in a more relaxed atmosphere. Yoga etc. can also be used to get rid of tension.
  • Hair is falling on any major surgery, infection and even prolonged illness.
  • If suddenly the hormone levels have changed and you are suffering from any disease, you still have a fear of falling on your hair so that hair can be weak
  • Pregnancy or even after the birth of a child, some women have weakness and hair starts falling. In such a case, the hair falls only for a short time, but still you can use herbal shampoo to nourish your hair.
  • Increasing age and constant hormones in the body are also the cause of hair fall.
  • Due to excessive dust and soil pollution, hair loss also begins
  • With good hair care and right diet, you can save your hair from falling.
  • The shampoo which gives more foam, there is definitely silk in it. Which damages the hair Do not use such shampoos. Instead you can use herbal products or natural things like Amla, Ritha and Shikakai.

How to Avoid Hair Problems

  • Hair is more dirty when the head is dirty. Those who do not go too much in the open, they should shampoo in two to three times a week. Those who work outside or who sweat more often, they should wash their hair regularly.
  • Applying oil after bathing is of no use. Many people feel that hair is strong by washing oil with oil, but this is not correct. Yes, there is definitely a lubrication and glow in them
  • You should massage lightly on Amla, Almond, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil or Saraso Oil in the roots of at least two times a week to protect the hair from strengthening and breaking. Hair loss, hair loss, dandruff, hair loss and hair loss before age can be dealt with
  • To protect hair from falling, you should win your hair to save from the strong sunlight. Whenever you go out in the sun, take an umbrella with you or cover your hair completely.
  • Some people do hair again and again, thinking that it will have hair long or hair will remain untouched, but let’s tell you this also causes hair to fall too many times. You should treat the hair at least 2-3 times a day, it will make your hair less confined and the hair will be fractured. That means that the hair will also be settled and the fear of breaking the hair is also finished.
  • After shampooing, many people do not have conditioners. They think that hair weakens. this is wrong. The conditioner keeps the hair shine and they do not get attached. Keep in mind that the conditioner should not go into the surface of the head i.e. skin. It damages hair

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