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This Brain Reading Device Allows Locked-In Syndrome Patients To Communicate

A recent invention by medical researchers has provided the locked-in brain syndrome patients with communication ability. The locked-in brain syndrome patients, who suffer from brain paralysis and cannot speak, will now be able to convey their messages through this brain reading device in a brilliant way.

The device allows the patients to answer in “Yes” or “No” to the questions asked and express their agreement and disagreement about anything. This brain reading device has been successfully tested on few brain syndrome patients. In fact, the doctors have dismissed the fact above non-curability of this syndrome and have started the work on moving to the next step which could provide these patients with a better life.

Brain Reading Device
Source: The Guardian

This discovery has been a major achievement in the medical field as doctors have been able to establish a communication with the patient through this device. These patients are majority have their family support while undergoing regular treatment. This device has actually helped the doctors in understanding from the patients about the effectiveness of the treatment provided.

The device used in this process involves a cap which uses infra-red lights to show spot variations in blood flow from different sections of the brain. As the patient answers any question, the intelligence device worn by the patient studies the blood flow patterns to depict a “yes” or “no” answer.

During the tests of this device, it was observed with 3-4 patients who actually lost their breathing ability, and were asked whether to be kept alive through ventilators or not, expressed their interest in being alive by saying ”yes” through this device. In further research developments, the aim is to create a communication mode which can enable the patients to convey more elaborative information rather than just a simple “yes” or “no”.

A neuroscientist quoted- “The results of this study suggest that we are on the right track.” Doctors have started work on understanding the relevance of using this device with other kinds of patients as well. One of the main reasons behind this research being incredible is because of the fact that this is by far the most reliable, cost effective and portable invention which is easily accessible to everyone.

And the success of this device lies in the truth the patients who have used the device have expressed their happiness after using the same for quite some time now as these patients are not physically challenged anymore because they can communicate with other users thereby sparking life into paralysed patients, which is indeed a big and a noble achievement in medical field.

Research link: Brain–Computer Interface–Based Communication in the Completely Locked-In State

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