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BMW Recalls 88,000 Cars Due To Battery Connector Issue

When it comes to cars, the names of international brands such as Audi, Mercedes, Ferrari, Ford, BMW comes to the forefront. Whenever a new car is launched, there is hype and discussions about the specifications about it and people’s excitement knows no bound regarding it. Each and every decision taken by the companies regarding the car is very important and influences the ups and downs of the car market. Thus, when a company decides to recall thousands of its cars, it affects the entire country. Recently something of this sort was faced by Europe.

Problem In Battery Connector Leads To Recall Of Thousands Of Car In Europe

One of the most important parts of every car is the battery which keeps it running. Recently, an announcement by BMW has left the people of Europe in shock. The company has recently released an official order that states that about 88,000 cars are to be recalled because of failure in battery connector. Recently, the German company had stated that about 312,000 cars needed attention as their battery was not functioning properly with regard to its connectivity. According to a recent investigation carried out by the BBC’s Watchdog Programme, most of the cars failed to cut out the entire road because of the problem in their battery.

Battery Connectivity Creates The Risk Of Catching Fire

The company now seeks to recall these cars and expand the capacity of their battery. The Company has also announced that they decide to replace the bowler regulator wiring harness that was till now creating trouble in the three series model. The company has recalled the cars with the concern of safety issue of the customers and in order to prevent them from having any problem on the road while driving. There is also the fear that such failure in battery connectivity can catch fire which shall indeed be life-threatening for the users. In order to avoid such unpleasant instances, BMW had felt is safer and better to launch an official order recalling these cars and working on its wiring. According to the official order, after being repaired, the cars shall be easily able to thrive in the market like before with excellent performance.

Last year, in the month of April, BMW had recalled about 36,410 petrol cars because of the safety issues they were causing to the users. Thus, BMW cars are causing problems due to the defect in manufacturing which might risk the life of the users. Having the international reputation of manufacturing best cars for over years, this is the first time that the car is having a problem with its battery and issues of connectivity that might cause serious damage to the car and can also be hazardous to use.

Let us hope that these issues will soon be overcome by BMW and the company will get back in form very soon gifting us wonderful cars which it had been doing for ages.

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