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Birthday Boy Lionel Messi: The Story Of His Life Journey

By the year 1986, the city of Rosario in Argentina was known as the birthplace of the great revolutionary leader Che Guevara. When Argentina won the title of FIFA World Cup in 1986 and was not even fully landed in the head of the country, only one year later, it was born on June 24, 1987 in the city of Rogario, the category of great footballers of this century Lionel Andres Macy’s joined The same Messi is the 31st birthday today and we are telling you the story of that little kid on this occasion, which became the flashing star of the football world by overcoming a dangerous disease

Lionel Messi started playing football with Rosario’s ‘Newell’s Old Boys Club’ at the age of just six. Messi’s father was his first coach, but his grandmother put the most effect on his game. He used to take Messi for training. At the age of six, Messi’s talent started to appear to everyone. Playing for the Newall’s Old Boys Club’s Youth Team, they scored around 500 goals. The influence of Lionel Messi’s performance was such that the name of the team he played for was named ‘The Machine of 87’ on his birth year.

At the young age, Lionel Messi’s ball control was such that he used to juggle 15-15 minutes without having stopped both his legs. During this time, the ball could not even fall below their feet. There was no room for happiness for a small child to do this, and he used to give Messi money as a reward. People started calling him a future footballer. Then there was a very bad time in his life. Lionel Messi was 10 when he was diagnosed with ‘growth hormone deficiency’. It meant that if they were not treated early, their development would stop. The treatment of this disease was very expensive and it was not possible to afford it for his family.

Meanwhile, Messi’s grandmother died too. It was a very difficult time for Lionel Messi. Messi’s most supervised, her grandmother had left the world. Despite his great talent due to illness, his dream of becoming a footballer was on the verge of breaking. Then Messi’s father learned from somewhere that the Barcelona Football Club is running a talent hunt program for talented players. He contacted Barcelona FC without delay. Carlos Rexac, Sporting Director of Football Club FC Barcelona, had listened to the discussions of Messi’s talent. He signed contracts with Lionel Messi on condition that he would be coming to Spain with his family. The special thing is that when signing a contract with Messi, when Carles Rexac could not find any paper around, he had contract signing on napkin itself.

Now Lionel Messi became part of the Barcelona Club’s famous ‘La Macia Academy’. At the age of 17, he started playing in football leagues from Barcelona. What happened after this has been recorded in the golden letters in the history of football. The football world got a small but talented mountain. Lyonnaise Messi went on to create many history on the field. Messi has won 30 trophies at the age of 30. Messi has been selected the world’s best footballer 5 times. Messi played 724 matches in career, in which he scored 584 goals. He has hatched 41 times. He has won 8 times Spanish domestic league with Barcelona and Spanish Super Cup 7 times. Messi has won four Champions League titles. He is also the FIFA Club World Cup winner 3 times. He has been selected as Europe’s Best Footballer 3 times. Playing for Argentina, he won the 2008 Olympic Gold Medal.

When Lionel Messi get on the field, his jugglery with the ball is something similar, like a composer with his accessories. Immediately like a cheetah, the amazing ability of dodging the world’s best defenders and putting them in the goalpost. When the ball appears with his feet, dances on their gestures. Liverpool Football Club manager Yergen Klip said about Lionel Messi, “Messi is the best. There will definitely be life in the world somewhere else. Because we are not worthy of them and he is very good to us. ‘ There is only talent in Messi, but the hard work does the same. He first returns to the field in the training session and returns only after leaving the entire team. They may remain behind in the case of headers because of short stature, but this short stature makes them more nimble than other players.

Lionel Messi’s ┬ápassion for football can be estimated by an event. Once he had to take part in domestic tournaments, but before the match, he accidentally locked himself in the bathroom. They made a great effort to open the door, but when they did not succeed, breaking out the window of the bathroom window and got out and quickly reached the ground. Half time his team was 1-0 behind and struggling. When Messi landed on the field after Half Time, the dice of the match was overturned. After coming to the ground, the opposing team could not make a single goal, and Messi scored three goals, giving his team a 3-1 win. When Messi broke the record for most goals in one season of Gerrard Muller in 2012, Messi sent a gift to Muller the following day. Barcelona’s number 10 jersey was written on “with respect and respect”.

Messi is UNICEF’s Goodwill Ambassador for years. He also works for the help of people suffering from ‘autism’ illness. Whenever Messi makes a round, both his hands point out to the sky by defeating in the air. This is his tribute to his grandmother. Yes, the pain of winning the FIFA World Cup for Argentina probably hurts them.


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