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Best Places For Hot Air Ballon Ride In India

Best Places For Hot Air Balloon Ride In India

Hot Air Balloon Riding is certainly the gift of foreigners but now India has no shortage of peoples who gonna try and take enjoyment of this adventure. This is totally different from skydiving. In which you get a chance to see the beauty of the city, flying in the balloon with friends or partner. So, to explore this adventure, you will learn about the places in India.


Lonavala is a very good place in Maharashtra for hot air ballooning. Where you find many beautiful scenes, besides lush mountains, waterfalls, while riding. It takes an hour or less to reach Lonavala from Mumbai. The number of people who try this adventure on the weekend increases a lot.

Height – 4000 feet
Time – 60 minutes
Price – 6000-12000 Rupees  per person


Karnataka is another good place to enjoy this adventure. Where you can spend quality time during hot air ballooning with your friends and partner. During the ride, the experience of watching Hampi, caves, and temples from above is different.

Height- 5000 Feet
Time- 60 Minutes
Price- 8000-12000 Rupees Per Person


If you want to enjoy an adventure with family and friends then come to Damdama Lake in Haryana. This is a picnic spot along with a resort where you can come for relaxation

Height- 5000 Feet
Time- 60 Minute
Price- 9000-13000 Rupees Per Person


Rajasthan is not only famous for the fort and the desert but it is also famous for the perfect hot air ballooning.

Height- 4000 Feet
Time- 60 Minute
Price- 6000-12000 Rupees Per Person

Uttar Pradesh

How good it would be to see the Taj Mahal is considered a symbol of love while riding a hot air balloon with your partner.

Height- 500 Feet
Time- 15-20 minute
Price-  500-750 Rupees Per Person


Adventure in Goa is full of sports. Apart from water sports, this place is also perfect for hot air ballooning. It is very fun watching the colorful landscape and beautiful beaches from flying in the balloon.

Height- 4000 Feet
Price- 14000 Rupees Per Person



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