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Best Games For Android Smartphone

Today, low-budget smartphones have also become powerful. The phone comes with a bigger screen as well as a better resolution, powerful processor, large memory and excellent battery backup. This is the reason why demand for gaming is increasing rapidly with photography in the phone today. The special thing can be said that in the last few years, the best graphics games in the market have also been available in the market where you can spend hours. Next we mentioned such a great game


In the year 2018, more than mobile has been referring to this game. This game is designed in a very simple way that you can easily understand but the graphics are very good. In the game, you are left in a battleground called the battleground where other people are also. You have to kill people to stay alive. Most importantly, it can be said that this game is going live and people join you from any corner of the world. A game can accommodate up to 99 people and you can plan a game by creating a group of four people.

Asphalt 9

If you played the mobile game Asphalt 8, then its upgrade version can be guessed. And if not played, then definitely download it. This game based on a racing theme can be called the best car racing mobile game of all time. There will be many cars together and you have to come to the top. You can adopt any type of handcuffs for this. Can someone remove from the road or get a long leap to the car. Apart from this, the car’s drift and speed boost also make good sense. Yes, its sound with gaming is so great that you will not want to leave it. There are different laps and tracks for the race. You can also choose a car with this but for that, you have to win the game

Shadow Gun Legends

The best game for Android phones is also a name for the Shadoggle Legends. This game will make you feel like a gaming console. As the name suggests, there will be a lot of ruckus in it but the rule here is a little different. This battle is going on in this city and at the same time can destroy the shops to get the weapon. Along with this, you have to survive the Coin so that you can upgrade weapons. Its gameplay is great and you will enjoy a lot

Wwe Champions

If a good mobile game is being talked about, then the WWE Champions cannot be forgotten too. 30 million people around the world love this wrestling game, and you’ll be one of them too. If you play this game on mobile then you will enjoy more than TV. Because you only see it while in mobile you have to help to win your wrestler. You will be pleased to know that more than 100 superheroes will be found in this game. However, this method of play is slightly different. The fight goes on at the top while you get the result in the bottom. You have to make a puzzle solving and your wrestler will keep on brushing the other. During this time you will also get some extra power which you can use in the fight. You will start with a low rated wrestler but you can upgrade the wrestler by adding quinine.

Metal Solider

If you want to play a battle game with fast action, then you will love Mattel Soldier 2. This is a 2D game in which a striking game has been introduced with lightweight graphics. In this game, death will befall you every moment, in such a way, you have to run blind bullets. You will attack the enemy from all over. All you have to do is eliminate it. During the game, you will also get the powers that will make you stronger.


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