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Barack and Hillary Voted as The Most Admired Man/Woman in America

Obama Hillary Admired America
Barack Obama, I guess the name is enough to make you go woo! Well he is again voted as the “Most admired man in the world” for the 10th time consecutively! Said enough already. I know this doesn’t come as a surprise but who comes after him is! I think you must have guessed the name by now and you are right! He is the current president of USA, Donald Trump.

The Gallup polls have organised it and it revealed some interesting results. Again one more interesting result of the poll is that Hillary Clinton won the “Most admired woman of the world” title. She beats former First Lady Michelle Obama to the title.

Now this again creates a controversy just like that how after getting the popular votes she looses state electoral votes but let’s not discuss about that again. We may accuse our traditional flawed electoral systems for that.

Again some interesting facts about the poll results show us that this time is the lowest percentage Clinton has received (9%) while the first runner up was not far behind with 7% of the total votes.

For Obama, this is the tenth time he is getting this title. He is just 2 points behind Dwight Eisenhower who has won the title 12 times. Obama won the title every year when he was the president, the year before he was elected and the year when he is the former president. I think he is going to give a quite good fight to Dwight Eisenhower.

For Obama also, the percentage went down to 22% from last year but anyways he has won it. So despite not being the president anymore, he is still in the heart of many people and this poll result shows that how much weight he still has in his hands.

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