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Avoid This Habits To Get Rid Of Pimples

Acne i.e. Pimples is a common problem, which is mostly due to hormonal changes. But some other things may also be the reason for acne. Here we are talking about some such habits that increase acne.

Wash more than twice a day

Most people with acne think that washing the face six to seven times can help to get rid of acne. But this is not true because extra scrubbing or washing can open the lacuna. This can harm your skin. Acne can be worse Also, do not use hot water while washing the face. Before using any soap, take the advice of the doctor.

Suppressing, tearing or bursting of acne

Do not tamper with any kind of acne. It can not only damage acne but can cause more damage to the skin due to swelling and scarring. In addition, the risk of infection in the skin due to lesions can also increase.

Be in stress

Acne increases due to stress. To avoid stress, you should take part in yoga, meditation, or any other Happyness activity. This will keep you happy for as long as possible and prevent confusion from growing.

Use of oil-based beauty products

Acne occurs when the flamenco is surrounded by dead skin and oil, which also build bacteria. Using oil-based beauty products can cause swelling in the skin and may lead to worse condition. If you use such beauty products, stop doing so. Use some kind of cream with expert advice.

Not using moisturizers

Generally, people avoid using moisturizers, because it is also oil-based, while it is not. To maintain skin moisture, you can use moisturizers. This reduces the work of covering lacquer than other beauty products. It does not have much side effects.


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