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8 Alarming Symptoms That Your Kidneys Are Not Functioning Properly

The proper functioning of kidneys is a prerequisite for your health. If kidneys fail to function in a proper way, it may lead to several issues. Hence, early detection of the same can be helpful in order to prevent permanent damage to the kidneys. This write-up will help you in understanding the early signs which indicate that something is wrong with your detoxification organs. Here is a list of the early warning signs which tell you that your kidneys are not functioning properly.

  1. 1

    Sleeping Issues

    When the kidneys are functioning improperly, the toxic materials are not being eliminated in a proper way through urine owing to which it remains in the blood. A rise in the level of toxins makes it really challenging to fall asleep. Hence, if you are not getting enough sleep, there are high chances that the functions of the kidney are declining steadily. People suffering from CKD or chronic kidney disease are found to have sleep apnea.
  2. 2

    Itchy And Dry Skin

    The primary function of kidneys is the removal of additional fluid and waste from the blood, thereby producing red blood cells. They are also helpful to maintain the right amount of minerals in the body. Dry and itchy skin indicate the improper functioning of kidneys as they fail the maintain the prerequisite balance of nutrients and minerals, resulting in kidney and bone disease.
  3. 3

    General Weakness, Fatigue And Headaches

    Kidneys, when functioning properly, are capable of converting vitamin D present in the body for the production of EPO or erythropoietin. This hormone has a crucial role in producing red blood cells. As the kidneys fail to function in a proper manner, leading to the production of reduced EPO. This leads to severe fatigue of brain and muscles.
  4. 4

    Swelling Of Feet, Ankles And Hands

    Kidneys which fail to perform in a proper way are not capable of removing the additional fluid from the body. This results in sodium retention which leads to excessive swelling in feet, ankles, and hands.
  5. 5

    Puffy Eyes

    The puffiness around the different regions of the eye is considered to be the warning signs of failed kidneys. Kidneys are known to leak a large amount of protein into the urine in lieu of keeping the same and distributing it across the body during its improper functioning.
  6. 6

    Change In Urine Color

    If you find changes in the color of the urine, it contributes to being one of the warning signs of the improper functioning of the kidneys.
  7. 7

    High Blood Pressure

    The kidneys and circulatory system are interlinked with one another. The kidneys are responsible for filtering the extra fluids and waste from the blood. In case of damage to the blood vessels, the nephrons do not get the prerequisite nutrients and oxygen. Hence, high blood pressure is recognized to be the leading cause of the failure of kidneys.
  8. 8


    The improper functioning of the kidneys can result in back pain which occurs usually right below the rib cage. You can feel the pain in the hip area or in the frontal part of the groin.

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