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Check Out These 5 Superheros Who Have Beaten Hulk

We have seen Hulk in his indestructible form beating the hell out of the bad people. But, we have few superhumans in the fantasy world who can really stand tall against Hulk and beat him upside down. Check them out below!

  1. 1

    Iron Man

    Ironically, Hulk and Iron Man are close buddies. They have joined hands together to form Avengers team. But, we must say, Iron Man is a hell of a genius mind. So, Hulk got his unconscious punch from Tony Stark Aka Iron Man in Iron Man#132. The intelligent robotic superhuman brought together his entire energy in one place to blow Hulk with a hard hitting punch which laid him on the ground for some time. Isn’t that IRONical.
  2. 2

    Silver Surfer

    A humanoid superhero with a metallic body which has the ability to travel space through his surfboard craft. This is one superhero who can smack down Hulk whenever he likes. In the sequence Tales to Astonish #92-93, Silver Surfer blew away Hulk with his strong armoured surfboard and later brought him to the ground with a solid blow of cosmic rays. In another sequence of Incredible Hulk #250, Silver Surfer require Hulk’s help to break through the field created by Galactus. During this sequence, Hulk flips out which irate Marvel hero, Silver Surfer who later removed the Gamma radiations form Hulk’s body with his cosmic radiations power.
  3. 3


    After Ironman, only Batman can be considered as the most tech savvy superhero around. Batman vs Hulk. Can you imagine! This happened when Hulk cam behind Batman to destroy his lab which resulted in Batman returning the favour with the blow of his Gas Grenade which caused Hulk to move into Solar Plexus and caught him into those fences for quite some time. Batman really knows where to hit!
  4. 4


    Thor vs Hulk. This would have made for a strong power packed fight. This happened in 2001’s Incredible Annual in which Thor blow a solid punch from behind the back of Hulk and gave a hard hitting impact on his head which laid him unconscious. Thor then picked up Hulk to throw him out of the planet but the giant woke up and returned the favour by bringing Thor on the ground and made him learned a lesson.
  5. 5

    Doctor Doom

    A fictional supervillain- Doctor Doom is a genius with a great hatred toward Fantastic Four & Avengers team which got on opposite sides with Hulk. Doctor Doom came into a head on fight with Hulk in Fantastic Four #320 in which Doctor Doom nailed Hulk down with his super power through which he controlled hulk’s brain and managed to bend his mind in his favour which literally made Hulk help Doctor Doom in conquering Latveria for the Doctor. Hence, never mess with DD!
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